Small Glass Nail Files 3 1/2"

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Small Glass 3 1/2"
Painted File $8.50
Small Colored 3 1/2" File with Swarovski Crystals - $9.00 Small Glass 3 1/2"
File with Etching - $8.50
File Color
Small Clear Glass 3 1/2" File With Swarovski Crystals $13.00 Small Black 3 1/2" File With Swarovski Crystals- $10.00 Small White 3 1/2"With Swarovski Crystals- $10.00
Stone Color
Stone Color
Stone Color

Latest News

  • Crystal Nail Files Offer a Green Alternative

    April 17, 2012 | Article The emery board scores low on the "green-o-meter." "The number of trees used to make millions of files and the landfill space taken up by these little 5-in. sticks is more enormous than you can imagine," says Barry LaVaque, president of LaVaque Tweezers

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